Dmitry Tsoy (dmitry_tsoy) wrote in musicsearch,
Dmitry Tsoy

Dmitry Tsoy Insight 09 Mix progressive

Rich nach Sommer ... Look's like summer comin' ....Пахнет летом :)
Straightly from Moscow....Just the lyric, lush and upmassive April tunes 2 listen from low fi thru progressive up to drum n base, luv me n ya  4 da hell of it (Polka's slogan) !
nJoy, Cheers!

Released: Apr. 30, 2009
genres: lo fi, lounge, progressive house, trance, drum'n'base
Bitrate:  256 kB/sec
Size: 86 Mb
Time: 45:14
Played Live: Marrakesh (Tks 2 Yok)


1. Blank and Jones - Lazy Life
2. Deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember

3. Jonas Steur ft. Julia Thompson - Cold Winds (Menno de Jong remix)
4. Biscayne - Evolution
5. David Forbes fr. Antonia Lucas - Because Of You (Pulser Remix)
6. Ohmna ft. Nurlayla- Key Of Life
7, ATB - My Everything = the tune of the month

P.S. Classic

8. U2- Magnificient (Fred Faulke Full Edit Remix)

Download Link:Click here to download file

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